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Because I cannot be bothered going into too much detail, let's just go for a summary of events in the Eurovision Finals:

ALEXANDER RYBAK opening act <3 He's still so adorable. And keeps snapping violin strings.

01 - Azerbaijan:
The good: I like the water-themed lighting on the portable staircase. And her LED blue dress.
The bad: Choreography was mediocre. Uninspiring song.

02 - Spain:
The good: IT GOT SONGJACKED. And there was a circus theme. Though the MV was better because it had more colour.
The bad: Mediocre entry. Highlight was the songjacking.

03 - Norway:
The good: He sang well. The song is quite Disney-esque and makes you wanna sing. Vague stalker-y lines that will make you snicker - "I WATCH YOU AT NIGHT".
The bad: Nothing really, but it's not like WHOA OSM.

04 - Moldova:
The good: Electric blue LED violin solo. Saxophone solo. Hip pumping.
The bad: See above entry.

05 - Cyprus:
The good: Cute Welsh dude. Actually plays the guitar. Wears normal clothes. "TELL ME ABOUT YOUR FEEEEELINGS."
The bad: See above entry.

06 - Bosnia & Herzegovina:
The good: I really can't say there was a single pulling factor about them. Oh wait, there was the brief instrumentals at the beginning that was good.
The bad: It was really forgettable.

07 - Belgium:
The good: Can play the guitar. Wears normal clothes. Cute guy. Went on stage alone. Good song.
The bad: LOL title - Me and My Guitar.

08 - Serbia:
The bad: Nothing I can think of.

09 - Belarus:
The good: Cute Belarussian dude with dark hair and cute dimples. Another Disney-esque song. Sparkly butterfly wings. Cute accents.
The bad: Nothing really bad, per se. Just not that awesome.

10 - Ireland:
The good: Lovely vocals. Irish tin whistle. Not using a stereotypically pretty female to get votes. Uplifting, inspiring Disney-esque song.
The bad: Nothing, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

11 - Greece:
The bad: Nothing.

12 - UK:
The good: The guy was cute. He was in a box. Kinda feel-good.
The bad: Kinda boring. Apparently he sings off-key. I'm sorry to report that I am most likely tone-deaf so it actually didn't bother me on a serious level.

13 - Georgia:
The good: I concede that she has fairly strong vocals. She does not parade her boobage around.
The bad: She could do without the backup dancers and dance routine.

14 - Turkey:
The good: I like the instrumentals. They look like they're cosplaying. Their band is named maNga. There's a roboknight. I C WUT U DID THAR.
The bad: Nothing really.

15 - Albania:
The good: Good for dancing to. Can imagine it being a good addition to dance parties.
The bad: I kept forgetting it until reminded. Sorry, Albania.

16 - Iceland:
The good: Good vocals. Not using stereotypically pretty female just to get votes.
The bad: The French title was random. I thought they'd be singing in French but they sung in English.

17 - Ukraine:
The good: Doesn't use an entourage of people to support her vocals, which are pretty good. A serious song that still manages to not be boring or cheesy.
The bad: Could use a less sheer dress.

18 - France:
The good: Catchy, energetic. Another soccer song. Makes you want to get up and dance. Drums. Haka-inspired stompdance. "ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ!"
The bad: The MV. So skanky. Come on, France, stay classy.

19 - Romania:
The good: The vocal talent was there. There was a perspex double piano and piano instrumental music. Only the beginning was catchy.
The bad: Piano playing being mimed was a shame. The beginning was promising and then turned into another average song.

20 - Russia:
The good: umm...the guitarist saying: what are you doing, man? Russia trying to be serious and soulful.
The bad: It was rather unimpressive. There was a hand-drawn portrait and fake snow. Sorry, Russia.

21 - Armenia:
The good: She wore pants. She had longass hair. She was very tall. It had folk-y bits to it.
The bad: Too much boobage. The camera PANS from her boobage. The giant apricot stone prop was random.

22 - Germany:
The good: She's very pretty. She's got a very unique English accent. There's space references in the song.
The bad: The song is quite ordinary and her vocals are not really outstanding as such. Choreography? What choreography?

23 - Portugal:
The good: Nice song, nice vocals. Choreography is minimal, no skanky here.
The bad: Nice, but very ordinary.

24 - Israel:
The good: Cute guy. Sings in native tongue. Good voice, doesn't have a tacky dance routine. Just singing.
The bad: Nothing really.

25 - Denmark:
The good: Very ABBA-esque, or Disney-esque. Very romantic duet-ish. Uses the conveyor belt mechanism and an opaque screen. Good vocals.
The bad: Nothing really. Maybe just very cheesy.

OKAY, now that's done -

Overall personal opinion:

Favourite entries: Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Ireland, Ukraine, Israel, France, Belgium.

2010 highlights

- standard performance enhancers like fire displays, smoke, light shows, conveyor belts, turntables/lazy susans, all present (well, except last year's giant stapler).
- some amusing comments by certain votes spokespersons, e.g. Israel spokesperson awarding 10 points to 'the big mother of Russia', or the Netherlands spokesperson commenting on how many Dutch men were watching when they awarded 12 points to Armenia.
- the French voter spokesperson totally not speaking English. Just because.
- flash mobs dancing.
- the male MC has a sense of humour. If he puts on sparkly shorts and fairy wings to support the contestants, props to him. REAL MEN DO THAT.

2010 downers

- not as much crack.
- political/bloc voting that is totally obvious: why yes, Belarus, I'm looking at you.
- the winner madenosense to me. Sorry, Germany/Lena fans. She was okay, but just that. I totally get that crack won't win Eurovision, but there were other serious entries that were better, who were also good looking and shite. Like Ukraine, or Belgium. Even the previous year's winner, Norway's victory made sense - you could see it coming from a mile away like a speeding bus. Realistically speaking, I think Turkey probably should've won, or Belgium.

All in all, not a bad year. I came away feeling a bit gypped in the end, but there's some good songs I'll be listening to on repeat for a while.


May. 30th, 2010 04:51 pm (UTC)
I pretty much agree with almost everything in your post. I can't be bothered scrolling back up to check if we disputed. But yeah 2009's had more likeable songs and more memorable entries.

SO CUT that Romania, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia were in the top 10. THERE WERE MUCH BETTER ENTRIES. Heck, the Armenian and Azerbaijani entries last year were BETTER.

I do agree about Lena. You can totally see why Norway won last year. Lena winning for Germany was a bit...errrr....